I taught my class at the Royal College of Art in June.  For a full recap, check out the article they published about it here.

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See also: Teaching Pleasuring Your Palate at Stanford

Food and cooking can be wondrous!  Today I taught a pizza class in Andrew Evan‘s Wonder d.school class.  We had a great time discussing all of the parts of the process, many of which seem quite magical: rising dough, Neapolitan pizza oven thermodynamics and ingredient combinations.

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Wearables + Mindfulness = ?

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Today we are running a d.thinking workshop for for an awesome group of innovators at Kiva.org.


A project we did in Social Brands to add some excitement and personal flare to GSB graduation.


Running our first solo design thinking workshop for Global Leadership Lab with Jamaal and Heather.



Tomorrow is out first design thinking fundamentals (DTF) class that we are leading for General Assembly. We’re super excited and we’re putting the finishing touches on our presentations.