Building circuits that read IR circuits in preparation for building a robot. A killer robot.


Testing out how our music controller will fit together and what it will feel like is essential.  Prototyping is made of Duron cut on the laser cutter and uses hardware ordered from SparkFun and bought at Ace Hardware.  See the final project here.

O3 prototyping1 Nested tubes O3 prototyping4 O3 prototyping3 O3 prototyping2

I’m using a diamond cutter on a Dremmel Flexi-Shaft and a jig I made really quickly out of plywood. And Quickclamps…

Jamaal and I made this video in response to one of our colleagues Videos, Smash the world (also below).

Wei’s “Smash the World”

IMG_0122 IMG_0123 IMG_0125 IMG_0127

IMG_0057 IMG_0065 IMG_0055 IMG_0068