Milennial Generation

Research Supporting Mobile

who Hewlett-Packard Innovation Program Office
what research to support Personal Systems Group’s always connected initiative
when 06.2008 – 09.2008
where Cupertino, CA
why I conducted research among select 18 to 25-year-olds to discern how that generation used and felt about mobility and mobile devices.
  • Develop a research method that would lead to meaningful data and conlusions.
  • Interview a select group of 18 to 25-year-olds about mobile use.
  • Evaluate responses and identify trends.
  • Present data to managers and co-workers for collaborative review.
  • Write follow up questions for follow-up interviews.
  • Compile a final report and make recommendatios based on trends for future product direction, features and mobile applications.
  • Present my observations and recommendations to the Innovation Program Office and suggest integration with current and future products.
  • Make Availability a Choice – Let us choose when we can be contacted, how we can be contacted, and by whom.
  • There is a low enough price.
  • Cached Content Allows Perceived Efficiency – A mobile device that intelligently caches typically viewed content would eliminate wasted time in areas with no service.
  • A Laptop in the Palm of your Hand – A “light” version of a laptop with similar functionality and connectivity in the form of a small mobile device has the potential to replace the laptop.
  • Organized Separation – Organizing everything into easily navigable categories reduces time spent searching and condenses information for easy perusal.
  • Research