Category: Projects

  • Project 4: Prototyping a Nugget Installation

    [break] I wanted to actually see what it would be like to get people who mostly had no idea how to make chicken nuggets make them in an assembly line.  I set up a simple assembly line with instructions and had each member of the thesis class man stations and isolate themselves by wearing headphones […]

  • Factory Sounds

      Audio listend to by the participants using headphones while doing their task on the assembly line. Credit.

  • Project 3: Nugget Gallery

    My concept is to have visitors the gallery butcher chickens, grind meat, shape the ground meat into nuggets, bread and batter them, par-fry them and then vacuum seal them so the visitor can take them home.   [break] [break] Through this project I hope to address and accomplish the following: [break] Involve and expose viewers […]

  • Project 2: Performance Tools

    As I set out to put together various items to act as my mise-en-place, I realized the task was a bit more involved than just foraging for materials.  It’s actually quite difficult to search for materials to create art piece with, without an idea for what that piece will be.  With food, gathering ingredients is […]

  • Looking deeper into Project 1

    This is how I feel throughout a day of cooking.  I also realized that this project has given me permission to think about food, plan and cook guilt-free all day.  

  • Project 1: The Experience of Creating a Meal

    As an “experience teardown” I want to carefully keep track of how I go about coming up with a meal and how my excitement level and inspiration changes through the day.  My goal is document (in nauseating detail) each step along the way to dinner.  This also happens to be my favorite way to spend […]