I taught my class at the Royal College of Art in June.  For a full recap, check out the article they published about it here.

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I created a class through the PRL and Stanford Dining.  It’s called Pleasuring Your Palate.  It starts tomorrow night and I’m so excited to be teaching it.


Pleasuring Your Palate
This workshop will enable you to feel comfortable creating well-designed, cohesive and delicious meals from seasonal healthy ingredients.  You will learn skills based on the culinary tradition of staging, where an aspiring cook learns from the ground up: for example, keeping an organized and stocked kitchen, cleaning greens and preparing cold dishes, and sautéing, frying and roasting. Together, we will transform your perceptions of food from a source of fuel to an exciting design challenge.  You will create your own menus based on seasonality and local availability, and will use human centered design principles to cater to specific needs and experiences.  In addition to teaching applicable skills that you will use every day, this class will offer you a new medium to express your creativity.  

On Sunday I taught a farmers market to table cooking class with the Stanford Cooking Society.  We started at the California Avenue Market and walked through, picking out the ingredients we wanted to prepare for our lunch.  We decided on making fresh green nettle pasta with an asparagus and mint sauce.  Everyone wanted to try sunchokes  so we roasted them with some delicata squash and blanched leaks and made an almond salsa verde to go along with it.  We also decided to make a blood orange, pomelo and little gem salad with citrus vinaigrette.  We headed back to Story House to start cooking.



On Sunday, Dan Somen and I taught local high school students attending Stanford Splash about design through making pizza.  We taught students about how to approach making pizza from deciding how thick to make the crust to deciding what combination of toppings to add.  Our goal was to get them to consider how the various ingredients that we pepped for them would compliant each other.  It was a pleasure watching them taste and arrange their pizzas.

Cowabunga-Pizzaiolo1 Cowabunga-Pizzaiolo2 Cowabunga-Pizzaiolo3 Cowabunga-Pizzaiolo4 Cowabunga-Pizzaiolo5 Cowabunga-Pizzaiolo6

Some buddies and I competed in the first annual Berkeley Pizza Fest on Saturday as Team Doughmance and took home 3rd Place!


Our pies included:

Delicata Squash, Tomato Sauce, Red Onions, Mozzarella, Asiago, Sage

Mashed Potato, Spicy Copa, Asiago, Chili Oil (and sometimes Ground Cherries)

Standard Margarita: Tomato Sauce, Fresh Mozz

and a bunch of other surprises…

pizzafest-pizzas2 pizzafest-pizzas1

Of course I had to design and make our shirts and sign…



making pajata on stage while djing! WHAT!

more here

We poured the concrete counter top for the oven last night. It came out beautifully. I did a little stop motion to capture all the excitement.





I’m living this oven. Such a pleasure to cook in on these warm spring nights.

I tented this chicken and all the vegetables and cooked it at roughly 400 for about 2 hours with air flow. Then browned it with the foil off and let the chicken rest while browning the vegetables in the chicken juices.



Had a craving for lamb tagine so I made some in the wood oven at the loft. It came out really well. Also made a fava bran and cucumber salad and a mint yogurt sauce. And citrus rice. And Mariel made some dough to make flat breads.




beautiful and delicious