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  • Pleasuring Your Palate

    I taught Pleasuring Your Palate in the Spring during my last quarter at Stanford as a collaboration between the PRL and Stanford Dining. I created the class to help students of all ages form food philosophies, gain confidence in the kitchen and change their behavior, in addition to demystifying why good food is good. I learned a…

  • the Dock Lounge

    The Dock Lounge is inspired by the elegance of the Eames Lounge Chair and explores how to create a visually simple, comfortable and multifunctional piece of furniture.  Viewed from the front, the lounge yearns to be sat in and from the side, it silently slips into the landscape of any living room. To read more…

  • Designing a Chair Prototype in a week

    I’ve been inspired by many chairs over the last week or so and spent far too much time in my head and on paper sketching ideas.  Last night I cut and assembled the chair I designed in six hours using 2 2x4x8’s and a 4 foot by 4 foot piece of 1/2″ plywood.  Here is…

  • Aaron Draplin is Inspiring

    This guy is a rockstar. [break]

  • Palm Press by Post is LIVE

    Check out this prototype I’m testing that will allow users to send physical cards to family and friends with just a few keystrokes.  Website here. [break]

  • Peloton Project: Nara

    Nara is your own personal breathing guide that lives next to your bed.  It leads you through meditation exercises and helps you fall asleep by clearing your head and focusing your mind through the practice of breathing. Jamaal Montasser and I embarked on a six-month journey to explore and address needs we identified at the intersection of…

  • A shop with a view

    Welcome to the shop at Smart Design, NYC.  

  • Logo Time

    Experimenting with logos for myself.  this is currently my favorite:

  • the Kahlenberg Timepiece

    The Kahlenberg is a custom designed and built watch for the modern man.  It’s stainless steel construction make it practically indestructible and the dial is machined directly into the body, eliminating the need for costly realigning or replacement.  The Kahlenberg uses an ETA 2824 mechanical watch movement and winds automatically while you wear it.   The…

  • Duck Depth

    concrete, brass, wood, mirrored acrylic I am a firm believer in using unintended consequence to explore perspective.  This goes against everything I was taught as a mechanical engineer.  However, there is great beauty and delight found in the unexpected. I want to offer the viewer a playful manifestation of a vision that began simply as…