so weird… ad for Flavor Stone:

We poured the concrete counter top for the oven last night. It came out beautifully. I did a little stop motion to capture all the excitement.





Watch Dan.

Jamaal and I made this video in response to one of our colleagues Videos, Smash the world (also below).

Wei’s “Smash the World”

I converted this recycling bin into a giant jack-in-the-box.  And then I surprised people with it.

To build the giant jack in the box, I initially attempted to quadruple the size of a small kitchen scale that used a mechanism I thought would be perfect inside a recycling bin.  I call the part that moves up and down the carriage.  I designed it in Solidworks and laser cut duron piece and glued them together.  I used wooden dowels as the pivots and fasten them to the rotating parts on the carriage.  It quickly became clear that this would be too bulky and unsteady at such a large scale.  [Lots more about process after the jump!]