I was experimenting with ways to let concrete set formed around bubbles. Basically, I blew bubbles in a cup of setting Rockite with a straw. This is the result. It feels awesome but cracks easily when touched.




I wanted to play with perspectives and perception in Drowned.  By exploring a common household fixture, the bathtub, I aim to conjure feelings of uncertainty, forcing the user into an uncomfortable world that actually becomes quite comical after absorbing it for a few moments. During the exhibition, I occasionally returned to check on the piece and noticed that viewers were shifting ducks around to reveal the mannequin’s nose and face, as if to give it air.

The piece includes a salvaged cast iron claw foot tub from the 1800’s, over 200 cast concrete ducks, one bronze investment cast duck and mannequin legs, head and a wig.  It was displayed during the Materialists show at the Thomas Welton Gallery at Stanford from March 11 – April 27, 2014.


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