Tag: Stanford design

  • Impaled Napkin Rings

    As part of a class about designing for the plastic injection molding process, I designed, cut molds and shot some napkin rings called the Impaled Napkin Rings series.  Process below. I first 3D printed some prototypes to see how they worked.  I learned that living hinges do not work with our printer material.  I cut the molds […]

  • Project 1: The Experience of Creating a Meal

    As an “experience teardown” I want to carefully keep track of how I go about coming up with a meal and how my excitement level and inspiration changes through the day.  My goal is document (in nauseating detail) each step along the way to dinner.  This also happens to be my favorite way to spend […]

  • kinetic sculpture prototyping

    Taking a class called Kinetic Sculpture this quarter.  This is how I made it.  

  • First fire

    Added a chimney and started curing it!