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  • Teaching Pleasuring Your Palate at the Royal College of Art

    I taught my class at the Royal College of Art in June.  For a full recap, check out the article they published about it here.     See also: Teaching Pleasuring Your Palate at Stanford

  • Cooking Workshop with Stanford Cooking Society

    On Sunday I taught a farmers market to table cooking class with the Stanford Cooking Society.  We started at the California Avenue Market and walked through, picking out the ingredients we wanted to prepare for our lunch.  We decided on making fresh green nettle pasta with an asparagus and mint sauce.  Everyone wanted to try […]

  • Design Manifesto for the Chair

  • Designing Icons for D.Media

    I’m take a digital media interaction design class at the d.school this quarter with some awesome mentors.  I designed these icons for our first project as a representation of some of my passions.      

  • Untitled

      This piece explores how everyday objects are unhappy about the way they are used and the lengths they go to escape their designed destiny. By giving every day objects autonomy, we want to question and re-invent their purpose, context and expression in the world.  The video was shown next to a box of concrete […]

  • Bubbly concrete

    I was experimenting with ways to let concrete set formed around bubbles. Basically, I blew bubbles in a cup of setting Rockite with a straw. This is the result. It feels awesome but cracks easily when touched.

  • Kevin’s Dish

  • Drowned

      I wanted to play with perspectives and perception in Drowned.  By exploring a common household fixture, the bathtub, I aim to conjure feelings of uncertainty, forcing the user into an uncomfortable world that actually becomes quite comical after absorbing it for a few moments. During the exhibition, I occasionally returned to check on the piece and noticed […]

  • Mechatronics intro

    Building circuits that read IR circuits in preparation for building a robot. A killer robot.

  • the watch boys

    newest members of the ME318 CNC class’s watch club.