I created Microabuse to demonstrate the misuse of a popular consumer product, the microwave. I went a full year without using a microwave but when I returned to school it once again became a necessity.  I always had a fearful respect for the microwave and wanted to test its boundaries.  As a product designer, it is fascinating to see how robust even an inexpensive microwave can be.

I put all sorts of things in the microwave: marshmallows, soda cans full of soda, BIC lighters, tin foil, CDs, light bulbs, forks and knives, cans of spray paint, balloons, and many other seemingly dangerous artifacts.  It’s amazing how hard you have to try to actually destroy one.  Even in the rain!

Using 2 GoPro cameras and a handheld DSLR, I captured the results, cut the video together and then projected it on the inside of the microwave for display.

This is the video of the display:

It’s a bit easier to see what’s going on inside here:

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