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I wanted to see how my peers would respond to being labeled with a selection of fruits, vegetable or the tag, ‘fast food’.  This project is ongoing.  The photos are below and captions from short conversations I had with subjects as I was photographing them being distilled and will be up soon.  *All the shirts are size medium from Uniqlo and with custom vinyl stickers on the fronts and backs.
dt-tangerine gabs-blueberry kevin-banana laura-fastfoodChristian-Tangerine nihir-tomato Scott-raptor tom-tangerine

we called it the “l’oven” project from the start because we loved doing it.  Building this neopolitan style wood burning pizza oven took around 3,000 hours of work and around 7,000 pounds of concrete and bricks. It feels incredibly satisfying to have finished it.  More polished process/final photo post coming soon.

oven-final1 oven-final2 oven-final3 oven-final4 oven-final5

We poured the concrete counter top for the oven last night. It came out beautifully. I did a little stop motion to capture all the excitement.





$11 for the back nine at 7AM? Best way to start the day.



I’m living this oven. Such a pleasure to cook in on these warm spring nights.

I tented this chicken and all the vegetables and cooked it at roughly 400 for about 2 hours with air flow. Then browned it with the foil off and let the chicken rest while browning the vegetables in the chicken juices.




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