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Food and cooking can be wondrous!  Today I taught a pizza class in Andrew Evan‘s Wonder class.  We had a great time discussing all of the parts of the process, many of which seem quite magical: rising dough, Neapolitan pizza oven thermodynamics and ingredient combinations.

wonder_dschool_pizza_class1 wonder_dschool_pizza_class2 wonder_dschool_pizza_class3 wonder_dschool_pizza_class4 wonder_dschool_pizza_class5

this is an awesome way to make squash soup inside a Cinderella squash, inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks, Canal House Cooking.

cooking-squash-soup1 cooking-squash-soup2 cooking-squash-soup3 cooking-squash-soup4

I made these on a CNC.

materials: plastic.

luggage tags1 luggage tags2

I wanted to make some custom ping pong paddles using maple, walnut and purple heart, laminating them and using a laser cut guide to route them to shape.

ping pong paddles1 ping pong paddles2 ping pong paddles3

I’ve become slightly obsessed with erlenmeyer flasks.  I love their shape.  I used a diamond tipped Dremmel bit to cut off the base of one using a makeshift jig and then cast the flask in poly-urethane (gross) and then tried to pour concrete in.  I built a really simple jig that I cut out of duron on the laser cutter and unfortunately it floated up into my mold as I poured the polyurethane.  Rookie mistake.  Iteration 2 coming soon.  I want to make it into a lamp shade.

concrete-erhlenmeyer01 concrete-erhlenmeyer02 concrete-erhlenmeyer03 concrete-erhlenmeyer04 concrete-erhlenmeyer05 concrete-erhlenmeyer06 concrete-erhlenmeyer07 concrete-erhlenmeyer08 concrete-erhlenmeyer09 concrete-erhlenmeyer10


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