beautiful and delicious


On the menu from Chef Miles Mountjoy: butternut squash puree, sautéed rainbow chard, braised short ribs, roasted sirloin, salsa verde, shaved winter vegetable and chicories salad with meyer lemon vinaigrette, galette with vanilla whipped cream and pistachios, dates and page mandarins for dessert.  Plus roasted chicken breasts, new potatoes, macaroni and cheese and ice cream for the kids.





Food and cooking can be wondrous!  Today I taught a pizza class in Andrew Evan‘s Wonder class.  We had a great time discussing all of the parts of the process, many of which seem quite magical: rising dough, Neapolitan pizza oven thermodynamics and ingredient combinations.

wonder_dschool_pizza_class1 wonder_dschool_pizza_class2 wonder_dschool_pizza_class3 wonder_dschool_pizza_class4 wonder_dschool_pizza_class5

this is an awesome way to make squash soup inside a Cinderella squash, inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks, Canal House Cooking.

cooking-squash-soup1 cooking-squash-soup2 cooking-squash-soup3 cooking-squash-soup4

Out on the Delta, and he deserves the best. So I made Bo Saam to commemorate his future.

cooking1-bosaam1 cooking1-bosaam2cooking1-bosaam31