Project Plan Updates

Reflecting on my first project and cooking a lot of other meals recently, I’ve realized a few things and updated my project outline.  The following ideas motivate these changes:



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Seasonality in cooking is incredibly important to me and dictates what I cook and how I prepare it.  Ingredients in season taste the best they can possibly taste — and they require very little to taste good.  To cook simply is to let the ingredients stand for themselves.



Local is important, it doesn’t always define what I’ll cook but it enhances the experience of enjoying a meal when you know where the ingredients came from, when there is a story behind them.



Everything works together — it meshes.  I always procure ingredients so that I can cook a variety of dishes with them, mix and match.  Although each dish is defined, they can all be enjoyed together without boundaries and each enhances the other.






Studio Projects


Project 2: Mise-En-Place

November 3

Put together various elements that will allow me to create small pieces of art in the same manner that I cook.  Applying the same process that I use to come up with and create a meal, assemble ingredients in the same way.  Track the experience noting my own level of enthusiasm.  Curate these items so that they could all work together in various combinations to create a variety of pieces that will play with each other.  Materials will be sourced locally and be “in season” — as with food, these will be the best and most inspiring ingredients available to me for creation.  They could include but are not limited to: wood, leather, plastics, hardware, paper, stone, found and repurposed objects.



Project 3: Snacks

November 12

Using the Mise-en-Place from Project 2, create small works of art.  Explore creating for myself and for others.  Also explore the performance aspect of actually creating these things and whether or not that is worth putting on display.  Again, track enthusiasm as I go to understand the parts that come the easiest and parts that are more difficult to get through.

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